Back & Hip Care... Get Started with our 2 Week Recovery Plan

Feeling achy & stiff in the back or hips and in need of a recovery plan? I WISH I HAD MORE “ME” TIME

“I feel stiff!”
Do you need a plan to tackle the achy back or hips?

I wish I had more ME time”
Is this something you say to yourself?

I hear this often from the busy professionals who 1st discover Zigs.

People who try us out are at the point of knowing they need to do something as it’s not working on their own with the burden of life’s juggle.

They have realised they’re not making progress on this alone and may also be gradually putting on the pounds and are worried this isn’t going to get better on its own as they get older.

People we work with often enjoy walks in nature but struggle with implementing rehabilitation exercise that’s necessary to tackle the achy situation to recover injuries, improve posture and can actually improve mobility of joints, strategically build up core strength and produce results in suppleness and total body strength. Trying to figure this out alone leaves you scratching your head!

Does this sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this way as we have an amazing transformation plan mapped out for you at Zigs.

This journey starts with a call to find out more about our kick-start recovery plan.

So if you’re thinking you’d like to talk through making a fresh start and you don’t want to put these health issues on hold any longer then book to talk with Clare personally.

There is a huge risk in not making the decision to take action. The truth is that sadly this isn’t going to sort itself out without making step by step changes.

Some people get stuck as they put it off and stay stuck in a viscous circle. We believe that by being brave and taking action to talk we take responsibility even if it feels a bit uncomfortable. We offer a very friendly chat over the phone to get to know us. There’s no obligation and it’s free to talk for upto half an hour with us.

We are currently working with busy professionals (some are retired) who we’ve supported in finding the motivation and confidence to work through back and hip pain, raised blood pressure, work & family stress, diabetes, arthritis, are juggling children, running their own businesses and busy careers, teachers, carers, health professionals, some are retired… Some are in need of losing anywhere between half & 3 or 4 stone. Most are in need of ME time and recovery and structure with this when they 1st try out our 2 recovery kickstart consultations.


Sending you lots of healthy energy today and please don’t put your health on hold.