Back & Hip Care... Get Started with our 2 Week Plan

Feeling achy & stiff with pain in your back or hips? I WISH I HAD MOTIVATION & ENERGY!

“I feel so stiff! I wish I had more energy and could just lose weight”

Is this something you say to yourself?

I hear this often from people who have realised they’re low on energy and are gradually putting on the pounds, AND are noticing they’re feeling more and more stiff as well as sometimes feeling in pain.

People we work with usually enjoy going out in nature but struggle with other important exercise that’s necessary to tackle injuries, posture, mobility of joints, build up core strength and to keep them supple and strong.

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

We are reaching out to people to make a fresh start and we want to encourage people to stop putting their health issues on hold. There is a huge risk in not making the decision to take action. Some people are waiting for life to go back to normal, some are waiting for the pain to go away 1st. The truth is that sadly this isn’t going to sort itself out without making the right decisions and step by step changes.

So are we going to keep putting it off and stay stuck in a viscous circle and let our health suffer? Or are we going to be brave and take responsibility and find a way to do the right thing to kick start our healthy habits?

We are currently working with lots of people who we’ve supported in finding the motivation and confidence to work through back and hip pain, raised blood pressure, work & family stress, diabetes, arthritis, are juggling children, running their own businesses and busy careers, teachers, carers, health professionals, some are retired… Some are in need of losing anywhere between half & 3 or 4 stone.

Some of these people even consider themselves technophobes but despite this they have continued to exercise with us throughout the pandemic on zoom and we’ve seen their health habits transform. Plus we’re really supporting each other socially.

It’s not very motivating trying to exercise on your own especially when you feel stiff, sluggish and overweight right?

If you’d like to hear more from the people who decided to try us out, just click this link to hear more from those we’ve worked with in the past…

People are getting started with us by trying out our 2 week… BACK & HIP CARE WELL-BEING PLAN…


2 kick-start consultations (2 x 1.5 hours each) to motivate and explore mindful exercises to get our joints oiled

and gain a fresh insight into feeling well. We’ll identify what joints are stiff and need mobilising, plus people who attend say it massively increased their awareness of their flexiblity (or lack of it), their posture, core, strength and how their current lifestyle habits are influencing the situation.

Together we’ll look at how we can get motivated on exercise despite the stiffness, sluggishness and low energy levels.

This is a bespoke deep dive into kick-starting habits of health that haven’t yet happened despite the good intentions.

Discover how to confidently tackle the waistline (and stop putting it off). Discover why doing it together with an expert is the missing ingredient

And why doing it alone just doesn’t work.

Plus we’ll be talking through how mindset infleunces us in getting better and we’ll explore common excuses that keep us stuck where we are and I’ll share with you mindset exercises that move your thinking from being in a viscious circle into a more energised upward spiral.

Meet me Clare Louise Freeman on zoom at the 2 week well-being plan… The Cotswolds Most Experienced Personal Health Trainer…

These people got started by trying out 2 consultations and starting something new for 2 weeks on our plan so click this to find out what journey it took their health on…

If you’d like to learn more and would like to ask us about the date available for the back & hip care well-being plan plus get a complimentary kick-start call with me in person by clicking the button below today…

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Sending you lots of healthy energy today and please don’t put your health on hold.