Massage for YOU time is back on from the week of the 12th April 2021 based on the most recent government announcement…

People who feel stiff, suffer with tense muscles and general aches and tensions find the well-being effects of our tailored massages very beneficial for their sense of relaxation, calm and well-being.

We recommend emailing us to book as we are already filing up (spaces are limited)

We wear the recommended PPE during treatment plus we ask you to please bring your mask too.
All our bedding, massage couch and kit is steam cleaned, washed or anti-viral sprayed between treatments.

Please let us know if you would prefer a lighter relaxing massage or if you prefer a deeper tissue treatment.

If you’re new to trying us out when you email us ask us about our 50% off introductory offer to celebrate seeing people in person again,

Sending you a virtual massage for today. Clare and The Zigs Team X