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PERSONAL TRAINING – Discover Being in the Best Shape of Your Life

Years ago I felt sluggish, totally stuck in my body and curious about what to do to get myself into better shape, plus there’s been so many holes in the road. When I look back at my younger self, I have to find compassion for my clueless self, knowing what I know now about supporting people with being in the best shape of their life. It’s certainly been a huge learning curve and I’ve now totally fallen in love with the process of supporting others with that journey.

So how about you? If you’re like me and curious about getting into the best shape of your life I’d like to invite you to dig deeper into what is going on in the body and mind and how to improve the situation.  I realised many years ago that I needed support if I wanted to get better plus I needed to invest and to learn from others who frankly knew better than me in those younger years. I am so grateful to those strong voices I’ve learnt so much from over this lifelong journey.

So at Zigs we are on a mission to convey those healthy body messages, learnings and trainings to you and with you. We are here to listen, support and action people’s journey to be in the best shape of their lives.



Exploring our motivations can be enlightening and improving body confidence and inner belief is at the heart of what we do at Zigs. This of course all starts by talking it through with us.  We start by talking about how you’re currently feeling about your body and what your personal aims are. We look at what the setbacks have been and why you’d like to get the support from us as professionals in our industry.

To try Zigs out we offer 2 initial kick-start consultations. I personally believe it’s important to explore your body strengths and weaknesses with you as well as the ranges of movements in your joints and especially the strength in your core. I assess your bodies flexibility to get clear on how stiff or supple we are. Often when we do this together people have never had these assessed so it’s a unique experience for them. To me, it is essential for this journey to be effective and strategic in moving you forward and making progress.

One of my key skills is to assess and evaluate and I’m really passionate about getting the level right for you and then gradually step by step improving it with the support of Zigs Transformation plan and our friendly professional team.  Have you considered how posture throughout our day is influencing our bodies ability to breath and move freely and digest food. Device use has mushroomed over the years so we have conversations about this and our lifestyle factors as part of this journey. Our posture can also be a reflection of how we are feeling about ourselves.  So I assess posture during those kick-start consultations as well as look at some of the biomechanics of the body (I call these our nuts and bolts). I believe that if our nuts and bolts are stuck then we have to free these off as an initial part of embarking on this journey. It’s important to get these exercises in the right order if we are aiming to be in the best shape of our life right?


Looking at our relationship with healthy shopping, meal planning, snacking and drinking is also a part of our personal training service. What are our habits like with food and how is this influencing our energy levels? We take a deep dive into whether our food and drink habits are sabotaging or supporting our training. Plus if we are looking to be a healthy weight we look at how we can address this and create a step by step plan towards it using doctor led recipe books.

Have you ever considered how what we say in our head, or the words that come out of our mouth are influencing our actions, thoughts and feelings about our body? Tuning into what we say and our mindset is a big part of Zigs personal training journey towards being in the best shape of our lives.

So I’d like to invite you to talk with us about where you currently and to try out ZIGS KICK-START CONSULTATIONS TO DISCOVER ZIGS PERSONAL TRAINING JOURNEY

My name is Clare Louise Freeman and I have over 27 years experience in training people to be in the best shape of their life. So on our initial free chat you can ask me any questions and we can get to know each other better to see if we are a good match.

Most people who train with us say we are friendly professionals who can provide structure with your body training and it’s a great way of getting that YOU TIME in building the vision of what being in the best shape of your life looks like. We map out the goals together and break them down into the right action plan.

Without guidance, a lot of people find they let themselves off the hook far too easily with their body training. They’re really not very certain on how to make real progress and some can totally fall off the wagon. I feel that’s sad as there is so much support here and if they just reached out and got better accountability and invested some time to talk it through with a professional coach then they could be so much more focused on being in better shape. For some that initial talk over the phone increases feelings of hope, motivation and confidence.  So why wait? Life isn’t getting any longer and whilst we procrastinate we are definitely not getting any stronger.

Most people who go on to join our personal training transformation plan after they’ve tried out the consultations say they feel fitter, strong all over but especially in their core, have better posture and are more focused on what keeps them supple.  They have more tools as a results of training with us regularly to structure healthy eating & sleeping patterns and for some we have been able to influence longer-term health issues like back and hip ache, blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Mild to Moderate Anxiety and Depression, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Mummy Tummy issues after having a baby and more lifestyle related obstacles.

So if you’d like to learn more about kick-starting your body journey today then click to book to talk with me, Clare Louise Freeman in confidence at

“I’m really looking forward to hearing what we can support you with” Clare